Do you have any questions about your account, MyQ or anything else concerning Q? Here we answer the most frequently asked questions!

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Why choose Q?
What unique bundles do you have?
Why should I join Q?
What is the messenger bot?
How does it work?
What can I find in the bot?
Is there a real person behind the bot?
Why do I have to register my phone in the bot?
Are there legal terms governing the use of my data in the bot?
Why can’t I find the answer I am looking for?
What is Bring Your Friend?
How can I "Bring My Friend"?
How many friends can I invite?
Do the gifts expire?
When do we receive our gifts?
What do I win?
What do my friends win?
What is the leader board?
How can I become a connection champion?
What should I tell my friends about Q?
Does my "bring your friend" link ever expire?
Can I share my "bring your friend" link on my social media channels?
What should I do if I haven’t received my gift yet?
May I see the status of my "bring your friend"?
I am already a Q member. What criteria do I have to meet to start "bringing my friends"?
What criteria does the friend I invite to bring to Q have to meet?
What is tiering?
How can I see the status of my referals?
How can I register in myQ app?
I’m trying to log into myQ app, but the application does not accept my credentials. What could the problem be?
How can I log into the application?
I forgot my password for the application. What should I do?
Why can’t I view at all the content of the offers and the packages in the ‘free entry’ section of the application?
Can I enter the application without logging in my credentials?
What information is provided on the home page?
How can I top up my talk time via the application?
Why can’t I view distant Wind stores via the application?
Is the Q application provided free of charge?
Can I use my account in the application from a different mobile phone?
Can I change my e-mail in the application?
Can I change my password?
Do I need to enter my credentials every time I open the application?
Can I subscribe to the Q newsletter through the application?
Why can’t I subscribe to the newsletter through the application and it advises me that I have already subscribed?
What are the newsletters sent from the application?
Which operating system versions are supported by the application?
What online packages can I get from myQ app?
Why isn’t Happy Nights included in the application?
I am trying to perform online top-up through the application, no error message is displayed, but the process is not completed. What should I do?
What is the Q Community?
Who can join the Community?
I forgot my username/password, what should I do?
What do I get if I register in the Community?
How does the scoreboard function?
What can I find in the Community?
What are Likes?
What are the Ranks and the Badges?
How can I help other members?
How can I post a question?
How does the Ideas Lab function?
What are the rules of the Community?
Do the subjects and discussions in the Community relate exclusively to Q?
What is the policy for the management of information uploaded to the Community?
Where can I view all the Badges?
I live abroad. Can I buy a mobile device and have it delivered to me?
What is the procedure for buying a mobile device?
How is the mobile device shipped?
Do I need to have an account in the Q SHOP to buy a mobile device?
Whom should I contact if the mobile device I receive is defective?
I forgot the password to my account. What should I do?
Are the mobile devices sold with a Q SIM card?
Are the mobile devices second-hand?
How can I pay for the mobile device that I buy?
Are the mobile devices sold with a warranty?
Can I return the mobile device I have bought?
What are the business hours and days?
What top-up cards are available?
What is the minimum top-up value?
How often can I top up my talk time through the online top-up service?
Which cards can I use?
How can I top up my talk time?
What does a user get when they top up their talk time at a WIND store?
What does a user earn when they top up their airtime via the myQ app?
I accidentally bought a F2GO card and I am a Q subscriber.
I cannot receive or make calls.
Does online top-up cancel the other top-up methods?
I have a problem topping up my airtime online.
Are online transactions secure?
How is the online registration bonus formed and how is it used?
What is the top-up bonus through online channels?
How often is a top-up bonus earned?
How long are the talk time included in prepaid bundles and the top-up bonus valid?
How is the top-up bonus used?
What bonus do I get when topping up at a store?
What’s in the new Q bundles
How many times can I buy the new Q bundles and the international bundles?
How long are the talk time included in prepaid bundles and the top-up bonus valid?
What international bundles are available?
What data bundles are available?
What is the countdown offer?
How long is each offer valid?
How can I turn my prepaid mobile phone service from F2G to Q?
I want to join Q. What do I have to pay?
How many days does it take you to activate my number?
For online SIM card orders, can I order a micro SIM card?
How can I extend my balance?
Which number do I have to call to activate bundles?
Where can I activate my favourite Q bundles?
My number has not been activated yet. What should I do?
What basic charge does Q apply?
What is the minimum duration of calls in the Q bundles?
In what order are the offers and the Q bundles used?
How is the free talk time in the other bundles and the international bundles used?
Where can I view Q’s pricelist?
My balance has gone down by a charge that I don’t understand.
What SMS offers or bundles are available?
What is the charge for an SMS?
Why don’t I receive offers by SMS?
I do not want to receive notifications for offers via SMS.
When is a user charged for more than 1 SMS? What is the maximum number of characters in one SMS?
How can I download the WhatsApp application?
What is the charge for using the WhatsApp application?
How can I transfer money to another subscriber?
Can I see which other users in my contacts have a Q number?
Could I choose my own Q number?
How can I request the activity data for my number?
I would like my number not to be shown in the Q phonebook or the unified one.
Which customer support services are available abroad?