Do you have any questions about your account, MyQ or anything else concerning Q? Here we answer the most frequently asked questions!

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How can I top-up my airtime?
Online Top-up: How can I top up my airtime online?
Online Top-up: With how much money can I top up once I use the service?
ne Top-up: What are the available top-up sums?
Online Top-up: How often can I top up my airtime through the online top-up service?
Online Top-up: Which credit cards can I use to complete my transaction?
Online Top-up: Does the online top-up service cancel out the other top-up methods?
Online Top-up: Which Bonuses do I enjoy for topping up online through myQ?
Online Top-up: Who can I contact if I have any problems during online top-up?
Online Top-up: Are Internet transactions safe?
What are the new Q bundles?
What are the Q online bundles?
How is my talk time consumed through the new bundles and the online bonus?
How long does the embedded time from the prepaid bundles and the top-up Bonus last?
How is the free talk time from the other bundles and international bundles consumed?
How many times can I buy the new Q bundles and international bundles?
Where can I activate my favorite Q bundles?
With what priority are my Q bundles and offers consumed?
What are the available scratch cards?
How do I register as a new user through the application?
How do I login to the application?
I forgot my password for the application! What can I do?
Why don’t I have access to General offers and Top Bundles via free entrance to the application?
What is free entrance to the application?
What information does the Status screen of the application contain?
How can I top-up via the Application?
Why can I not get information on WIND stores far away from me via the application?
Why don’t I have access to the nearest WIND stores via the application?
Is the MY Q application free?
Can I login to the application via a different mobile device?
Can I change my e-mail in the application?
Can I change my password in the application?
Do I have to enter my credentials every time I want to login to the application?
Can I register to WIND’s newsletter via the application?
Why can’t I register to the Newsletter via the application? And why does it say that I am already registered?
What do Informative Messages in the application mean?
Which versions of phones are supported by the application?
How do I activate the internet settings on my device?
How can I configure my device for using WAP?
My phone has the necessary data settings (mobile internet) and I still don't have access to the internet. What do I do?
What is Q's basic charge?
What is the online top-up bonus?
What is the store bonus?
What is the top-up bonus, and how do I get it?
How long does the embedded time from the prepaid bundles and the top-up Bonus last?
Until when is the top-up Bonus offer valid?
How many times can I claim the €10 and upwards top-up bonus?
How is the top-up Bonus consumed?
What is the online registration Bonus, and how is it consumed?
Where can I find out my remaining registration Bonus?
If there is call barring from my card mobile, may I call emergency numbers (100, 199, etc.)?
Can the free talk time and the free SMS be used in value-added services?
Which customer support services are available from abroad?
What is the minimum amount I should have in my account in order to make any call?
How can I activate Roaming in my Q card phone?
How can I see my remaining talk time?
What do I need to do in order to download the WhatsApp app?
What are the charges for using WhatsApp?
What is the free data limit for using WhatsApp?
What are the data charges for using all other smartphone apps?