A free Way to Αccess Facebook on Your Mobile Device!

By sponsoring 0.facebook.com Q is enabling its customers to stay connected with their friends and family on Facebook from any mobile Web browser, without incurring any data charges.* 

Facebook’s 0.facebook.com site is optimized for speed – it is a new faster, lightweight version of Facebook’s mobile site. The site does not have graphics or photos and its pages have been designed for performance on Q’s network. 

Learn more:
  • Photos posted on Facebook are only one click away on 0.facebook.com. To view a photo, you only need to click on a link to it and you will be prompted you are leaving 0.facebook.com. Standard data charges will apply when you leave 0.facebook.com to view photos.
  • Q subscribers can use this service only if their mobile phone has internet access and the correct settings:
    • Profile name: Q Internet
    • Access Point: myq
    • Mediation Server: (blank)
    • Door: (blank)
    • Homepage: (blank)
    • Username: (blank)
    • Password: (blank)

Learn more about Internet Services (Greek Version)

*Q offers free access from Greece (no mobile Internet data charges) to its subscribers for 0.facebook.com, o.facebook.com & zero.facebook.com. 
For browsing while roaming, standard roaming charges will apply. 
Standard charges apply for browsing Facebook via m.facebook.com or touch.facebook.com. 
Also, standard charges apply for ADSM subscribers.