Top up your talk time by picking the way that suits you!

If you prefer to top up your talk time offline, Q makes sure you get a number of different ways for your own convenience. Also, you get a bonus!

Top up your talk time and win a bonus at all WIND stores

Visit a WIND store and get bonus, with the first top- up of the month of 12€ or more! In detail:

  • With top up from 12€-14,99€, you get bonus 1500’ to Q per second
  • With top up from 15€ , you get bonus 1500’ to Q per second & 900ΜΒ

The bonus has 30 days duration. Valid for the first Top-up of the month, through a WIND store.

Top up via Piraeus Bank

Top up quickly and easily in one of the channels provided by Piraeus Bank. More specifically from:

  • Piraeus Bank ΑΤΜ
  • Winbank Web Banking
  • Winbank Phone Banking
  • Winbank SMS Banking
  • Winbank Mobile App
  • Winbank Mobile Banking
  • Easypay Automatic Transaction Machines

Top-up cards

Available top-up cards come in values of €10 και €15. All top-up cards can be purchased at newsstands and small points of sale.
IMPORTANT: All cards include a 12% Prepaid Mobile Phone Tax and VAT.

1229 - Q third person top-up

Using the number "1229 - Q third person top-up" you can top up a Q friend's talk time, if they have run out, and vice versa. That is, your friend can give you the talk time you need from their own Q connection. 

To top up a friend, call 1229 on your mobile, free of charge, and follow the instructions. All you need is a top-up card. 

If, on the other hand, it's you who has run out of talk time, ask a friend to top you up with a little, or a lot, of extra time. Tell them to call 699 555 1229 from any fixed line or a mobile (even from another network), on their own charge.

  1. The bonus minutes last for 30 whole days.
  2. Prices include VAT.