per 1'' to ALL
per 1'' to WIND/ Q
500 MB
150ΜΒ & 350MB Bonus
€ 6,90
  • The bundle offers 150’ to all, 150’ to WIND/Q, 150MB and 350MB as a bonus with €6.90.
  • Bundle is activated exclusively through the myQ App
  • Your call is charged per second with no minimum call duration.
  • The bundle has a duration of 30 days from activation. Any usage not consumed during the month, is not transferred to the next.
  • The minutes of the bundle towards all destinations can be used for outgoing calls towards Greece and for calls while roaming in an EU destination towards all EU destinations ( Zone 1). They cannot be used for roaming calls from and towards countries of the rest of the world (zones 2-7), and towards non-geographic fixed line numbers (e.g. short codes).
  • The MB of the bundle can be used while roaming in the EU (Zone1).
  • Learn about your remaining talk time through myQ.gr, myQ App or through a free call to 1225.