Travel everywhere with Q!

Q roaming service gives you the option to stay in touch with your family, friends and business partners when you are abroad! All you need to do in order to make calls from abroad is connect to a participating network! You can also use data services while roaming, through more than 50 countries worldwide! Roaming service is available to all Q subscribers.

Before you travel, make sure the roaming service is activated and remember to top up your airtime or carry with you an extra top-up card or two!

See the charges incurred abroad

Roaming Budles offer low charges when travelling abroad for calls, SMS and web surfing. Before you travel, learn about the Bundles and choose the one that suits your needs. Furthermore, learn about the charges incurred abroad, as well as the roaming zones.

View the pricelist and the zones

Just like in Greece!

Q subscribers can top up their airtime or their friends' airtime but also learn about their remaining credits, just like in Greece! 

So wherever you are, you can simply and easily:

  • Top up by sending a text message to 1223, or via MyQ.gr. Calling 1223 is not possible.
  • Top up a third party's airtime by making a call to 1229 from a Q mobile or by calling 306995551229 from a landline or another mobile, charged as an outgoing roaming call to Greece.
  • Be updated on the available balance of airtime by sending a free text message to 1225. Calling 1225 is not possible.

Alternative Roaming Provider