Choose the song you want your friends to hear when they call you!

You can now choose the song you want any of your friends to listen to when they call you or even a different song for each day or time!

You can also give your friends an original gift, by offering them a My Tone!

Call 14032 now, so you can activate the service and learn all of its features!

With My Tones service, you have access to more than 1000 songs, Greek and international. The main categories are the following: HOT, Greek, International, Top, with over 30 subcategories, such as: New releases, Pop, Rock, Folk, Artistic, etc., so you can certainly find what you are looking for! In addition, you can choose an entire album of your favourite artist (up to 5 songs/artist).

Start now and find what expresses you best!

The cost is €1.85 for every My Tone and €4.92 for every album, and it’s available to you for an entire year!

  • Calls to 14032: €1.24/minute
  • Purchase/Sending as a gift of a My Tone: €1.85
  • Activation: €1.85
  • Monthly fixed charge: €0.62

With My Tones, you can have fun with your friends!

Become a DJ! Make your own playlist!

If you are using My Tones, you may choose to have one song for everybody at all times or you may select a different song for your loved ones or your friends and decide what times they will hear it (7-12 in the morning, 12-4 at noon, 4-8 in the afternoon, 8-12 in the evening, 12-7 at night, on weekends)!

Say it with a My Tone!

Do you want to dedicate a song? Send a My Tone as a gift to a friend who uses Q, WIND or F2G network. Even if your friend is not a user of the service, he/she will receive a text message prompting him/her to activate it.

The cost is €1.82 for each My Tone and is applied at the time of sending the gift.

Record your own My Tone so that everybody can hear your voice!

To record your personal My Tone, call the Music Voice Portal at 14032 and select 5 in the My Tones service menu. You may record up to 3 personal My Tones!

Please remember that the Personal My Tones:

  • may be used just like any other My Tone
  • can be played at different times, for specific numbers/groups, etc.
  • have a maximum recording duration of up to 30 seconds, but you may also stop earlier
  • do not expire after one year

Top up of an expired My Tone.

Upon completion of one year after the purchase date, you will receive a text message informing you that the specific ringtone has expired. If you want to purchase it again, follow the instructions included in the SMS.

The top up of a My Tone costs €1.85, just like its original purchase.

Activation by SMS

The activation can also be made by SMS, by sending a blank text message to 19425. The cost is €1.85.

Managing of shopping basket

You may modify your purchases, by selecting your personal settings menu

Temporary interruption and termination

You may temporarily deactivate the service, e.g. to have the standard ringtone play for a certain period, without losing your personal settings (purchases, time settings, etc.). In that case, you will still be charged the monthly fee. However, if you decide to terminate the service on a permanent basis, your personal settings will be lost.