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3rd Party Services

We wish to clarify that the services listed below are not provided by WIND, but by other companies/entities which bear sole responsibility for compliance of their services under the current regulatory framework and their smooth and uninterrupted operation.

The information below is provided by WIND exclusively to update subscribers regarding the information WIND receives by the following service providers.
Although WIND makes every possible effort to ensure that such information is updated, the company cannot guarantee this. For this reason, please visit the website of the service provider, to get complete information regarding the services and their pricing.

Especially for SMS Services 2 types of services are provided:

  • Charges for outgoing SMS

    Subscribers are charged for their outgoing SMS sent to the five-digit short code. Incoming messages received by the subscriber from the five digit short code (sender) are free.

  • Charges for incoming SMS (Subscription service) .

    Subscribers are charged a premium charge that supports subscription services charge. The subscriber is charged a fee once and for all and/or per week, per two weeks or per month to receive content. If a customer is subscribed, they will be charged for the incoming SMS on their next bill. Registration can be take place:

    • Via SMS (may be free or charged): Registration is completed when the subscriber sends their confirmation message
    • Via the company website: Registration is completed with the introduction of the PIN in the corresponding Web service.


The PIN code is sent to the subscriber’s mobile phone after they submit their phone number on the website, in order to verify that the specific number was entered on the site by the owner of the number. WIND advises subscribers that make use of 3rd party services to not record the number of their mobile phone on websites, unless they have carefully read the site’s content and especially all terms and conditions under which the service that interests them is provided. Ads for free offers or participation in lotteries, may accompany a subscription.


To unsubscribe from a 3rd party service you can to send an SMS with the «STOP» command to the short code from which you receive messages.In this case, the 3rd party provider that owns the service will send you an SMS confirming the deletion of the service or will ask you to send additional information/keyword about the service you want to unsubscribe from (eg stop ring tones).

In case of questions or problems regarding the premium charge services, please call Wind Customer Support Team

  • 13800 from WIND landline with charge 0,26€/call including VAT and fixed telephony taxes. From WIND mobile with charge 0,25€/call including VAT. Mobile telephony taxes 12%,15%,18% or 20% apply depending on the monthly bill (prior to VAT). Charging while calling from other providers depends on their pricelists
  • 8005001380 for complains and damages for mobile (without charge) fron any number
  • 306935613800 from abroad and from a WIND mobile while roaming (with charge)
  • 1277 (free of charge) for subscribers

and indicate the number of the service and your question. You can also submit your requests electronically, by filling in the contact form, or via mail to Kifissias 66, Maroussi, Athens, GR 151 25 and at your WIND local store.


Finally, we inform you that you have the option of blocking premium charge services. Specifically, you may ask to block

  • SMS from short codes 54XXX and 19XXX series. You can request to block:
    • specific code(s)
    • complete set of codes 54XXX or 19XXX
    • all codes 54XXX and 19XXX
  • Voice services (901-909) or voice codes. You can request to block:
    • specific lines (tens or thousands as shown below) or specific 14XXX codes
    • all voice lines ranging from 901 and / or 909 or 14XXX/14XX
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