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Meet Q, a new mobile prepaid card experience.

That makes simple, self-evident.

Made for you and me, from you and me.

Where everything is done easily and online.

Become Q. That Simple.


We mean it! With Q, you enjoy a bonus on the first top-up of the month, because you can! Topping up with 10€ exclusively from myQ app &, you get 1GB & 1500’ of talk time towards Q with a duration of 30 days.


Q makes everything easier! And we mean a lot easier. Choose your bundle depending on how much you talk/surf/text and select to auto renew it without having to remember each month. Top up simple & fast every month with the new auto top up feature.


Q is the only prepaid mobile phone service with a charge per second: Talk for 1 second and pay for 1 second! Talk for 2 seconds, pay for 2 seconds. You got it! In all commercial bundles.

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